Ermagerd I’m in Cleveland!!!!

Hi guys! Sorry for the loong leave of absence – obviously I have been having a busy week (see title). I know this post is wayyy overdue and mucho apologies for that, I’ll try to be a little more regular from now on.


Now onto the good stuff. So a few months ago I applied for a pulmonary rotation at the Cleveland Clinic and who would have thought – I got it. Why is this such a huge deal? Because it’s the Cleveland Clinic.

giphy (2).gif

Yes that was me when I found out I got in hehe.

The Cleveland Clinic is a premier medical and research institution in the US. It is at the forefront of innovation in pretty much every medical field manageable. You get to work alongside inventors and discoverers of treatments that are used in day-to-day medicine. For example, my attending for the past week is the head of Interventional Pulmonology at CCF and has co-authored numerous textbooks and created new techniques involving bronchoscopy in order to better diagnose/treat pulmonary disease. Can I just say- this whole week has been me fangirling- and I still have 3 more weeks left!!

Before I forget, let me mention one other thing. The Cleveland Clinic is HUGE. It is HUMONGOUS, MASSIVE, ENORMOUS. Ya get my point? I looked at the Health app on my iphone the other day and every single day this week I hit 10,000 steps without realizing it. There are even skyways connecting all the buildings because each place literally takes up a whole block and lets’ face it – you’d be drenched before you would make it inside.

It’s not only large but I like to call it a mini-airport. You have the skyways, the mood lighting, there’s a Starbucks and an Au Bon Pain on the main floor and to top it all off, there is a hotel that is connected to the main building on campus (Yes I did try to get a room there but it was too expensive for a poor medical resident like me :p).

So I got placed on pulmonary consults which is what I wanted – a chance to learn some innovative medicine and also meet some of the heads in the subspecialty.  The way the pulm consult rotation works is that you have a second-year fellow and a mix of residents and interns you work with. As a visiting resident, you get to see patients and write notes (CCF has Epic as well thankkkkkkkk god!)

Now let me tell you. I love the hospital that I’m doing my residency at – I truly do. But when you do pulm, I hate to say it, the majority of consults are for COPD exacerbation. Having been at CCF for one week now, I haven’t seen a single COPD exacerbation – instead I got to see 4 cases of cardiac sarcoidosis, 1 case of Churg-Strauss disease and I got to do a thoracentesis on my very first day. Guys, how awesome is that???? Completely nerding out here 😀

Plus if you want to get involved in some research, CCF is the place to do it. Dr. Mehta is on faculty at CCF and he essentially is the leader in pulmonary disease research. Plus you get faculty and fellows from all over the world. In fact, the attending I worked with last week (the head of IP) asked me to help him write a chapter on bronch techniques – guys do you know what this means? Yeah yeah for those of you who have thousands of papers published I know it’s not a big deal but for someone like me who’s still getting her feet wet, this was huge. My name is going to go into print next to a giant in the field I love. What more could you ask for??

I can’t believe I still have 3 more weeks to go – I genuinely wake up each morning excited to get to work and start seeing consults. Why can I do that? Because the people I work with are great and I’m in an environment that fosters learning. Yes it was extremely intimidating at first but once you spend even just an hour there, you realize these are residents just like you – people who are here to learn while doing what they love.

Ok – enough procrastinating from finishing up my fellowship application (deadline is fast approaching eek!). Check out my instagram (@dr_priyaj) for some pics I happened to grab of the campus and we’ll chat again – there’s no end to the interesting cases I’ve been seeing here!

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